The Pin Up Photography Experience

Everything retro seems to be in demand these days. This includes pin-up art. Pin-up posters of Vargas and Getty girls are always in demand. Fans can even buy reproductions of the bathing suits, dresses and blouses that pin-up girls wore in their most famous posters. And now, it’s possible for fans of pin-up art to become their own pin-up girls: Yes, pin-up photography is now a growing field.

Do an online search for “pin-up photography.” You’ll turn up pages worth of photo studios across the country willing to turn you into the subject of your own pin-up poster. It’s little surprise that this is becoming a hot trend. Photographers working in this field transform you into a glamorous pin-up girl, one who’s sexy yet somehow innocent all at once. Pin-up photography makes a great gift. It’s also a fun way to feel elegant, attractive and just a bit naughty.

The pin-up photography experience starts with makeup. Photographers will use just the right amount of makeup to transform you into an authentic Gibson Girl or turn you into a dead ringer for a George Petty model. Next comes the clothing. Quality pin-up photographers boast a wardrobe of bikinis, mini-skirts and dresses that look perfectly at home in the world of pin-up art.

Finally, it’s time to take the picture. Top pin-up photographers will recreate famous pin-up poses. They’ll use props, much like the classic pin-up artists did, to create a funny, sexy and charming shot. Subjects can opt to be photographed in black and white or color. If you’d like to be transformed into a pin-up girl, do a quick online search for pin-up photographers in your area. If you live in or near a big city, the odds are good you’ll turn up a few.

Be sure to interview any pin-up photographer before working with him or her. Ask about prices, the clothing the photographer has available and how many pin-up photos the photographer has done. Ask, too, for references. Finally, ask to see some samples of the photographer’s work. Once you find a pin-up photographer with whom you are comfortable, it’s time to set up an appointment. Remember, your attitude will greatly influence the final result. If you’re excited, and willing to experiment with different poses and props, you’re more likely to end up with a top-quality pin-up photo. If you’re daring enough, then, pin-up photography can make for a great way to travel back in time, to the days when Petty and Gibson Girls dominated magazines, calendars and advertisements.

If you’d like to learn more about pinup photography, stop by Martin Castin’s Pin up Ferret. You can read articles about this fascinating genre, and get a glimpse into an idealistic past.

Hiring A Professional Photographer For Any Event Is Never A Bad Idea.

Today, many people, both young and old, own a camera. Many people also think that they can be called photographers just because they know how to work a cameras features. The thing is, there are decent photos, and there are amazing photos. An amazing, memorable photo is almost always the work of a professional photographer.

Hiring a professional photographer for any event is never a bad idea. Its true that anyone can use a camera, but only a professional has the skills needed to really capture important moments. If youre living in Irving and need photo documentation for an event, then consider hiring a professional photographer.
Professional photographers have extensively studied the different aspects of taking a good photograph. They possess the technical skills needed in taking photos with the best lighting and composition. These photographers arrive at the event on time, ensuring that they capture all meaningful moments of the event. Photographers wont just take pictures of objects and people, theyll take photos that tell stories.
A professional Irving photographer will offer decent packages. One of the reasons why most people dont hire professional photographers is because they dont want to shell out a lot of money. A professional photographer will give charge you reasonable fees for his or her time and talent. Theres no reason not to pay the right amount of money for amazing photos. Business owners can also hire professional photographers to take photos of their products. Professional photographers, for example, can take appetizing food photos for restaurants. It takes a keen eye to make every dish look appealing.
Irving photography professionals have the skill and the talent. Theres no doubt that a lot of people wield cameras nowadays, but it takes a talented photographer to capture great moments from different angles. In addition to having professional equipment, they know how to make you look good. They know when and how to capture spectacular images at the right moments.
Hiring the best photographer Irving has to offer truly has many benefits. They have the skills and the know-how in taking great photos. Whether you want to have souvenirs of special events, or you want some photos to use in advertising your business, invest in hiring a professional photographer.

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Professional Photographer Shares the Case For In-House Printing

The purpose of this article is to give professional photographers some ideas on how in-house printing can be beneficial to them and their business.

Many photographers are reluctant to begin printing in house. However there are benefits to those who do.
One of the major benefits is that you have complete control over your work. Most professional photographers have sent an image to a lab and when it came back had the thought – well it’s not exactly what I had in mind but it’s good enough – I’ll go with it.
Another major benefit is the instant feedback on any image. Printing your own images will allow you to see the image printed at time the passion for the image is strong. Waiting a couple of weeks for your image is enough time for context and passion for the image to fade.  In addition, if the print does not come out exactly as you like it, you can quickly adjust and print it again.
While most of the time in-house printing is more expensive than outsourcing the printing, there are times when it turns out to be less expensive. One example is when you only need a short run i.e. – 30 brochures to advertise for an event. If you outsource it, it is likely you will be required to purchase a minimum set of 500. In this instance it would be less expensive to print your own.
Another major benefit to printing your own images is the respect your will receive from your clients and potential clients. You can gain a leg up over the competition by sharing that you control the artistic process from the shooting of the image all the way to the sewing the bindings on your albums. Your potential clients will be impressed that the quality and continuity of the product remains in your control from beginning to end.
In summary, there are a number of advantages to a photographer having the skill set and equipment to print in-house. However, there are a few conditions where this makes the most sense. First, in-house printing makes the most sense when targeting a high end client. In-house printing can increase the quality of images for the reasons given above, but it can also increase cost and take up the time of the photographer or other creative staff. You clients base should be the type that can appreciate the increase in quality and be willing and able to pay for the increase in quality.
If the above describes your studio, it may be beneficial to look into in-house printing.

Vanessa has an extensive photographers knowledge of many Orange County Wedding photography locations such as locations in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Temecula, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Tustin and San Diego. She instructs Newport Beach Portrait Photographers in techniques and shoots many Laguna Beach Weddings.

Photography in the Music Industry

Photography is the art of creating still images of objects, called pictures, on photo-sensitive surfaces like film or an image sensor. It is a form of visual art similar to paintings, drawings and the likes.

As an art, photography is claimed by some people to be a subjective representation of reality. The photographer can choose to alter the lighting, decide what object to take a photograph of, vary the angle that is photographed, etc. The specific choices made by the photographer can be used to create a certain mood or highlight a certain context. Nevertheless, the photograph still captures an aspect of reality and documents it.

Despite being a visual art, photography can be of great value to the performing arts. The promotion and recording or documentation of performing arts such as theater, play, drama or music relies greatly on the art of photography.

Let us take for example, the music industry. It is a very complicated system of individuals or organization involved in the selling of music—recordings, live performances, etc. It is also a lucrative business, generating very large revenues for many people who are strategically- positioned in this industry.

In the music recording business, a composer or songwriter writes a composition and sells its copyright to a publishing company. In effect, the publishing company earns the license to promote and sell the use of the composition. When a recording company decides to use a composition, it pays the publishing company and carefully selects a recording artist, who in turn records the song in a studio. The recording company then is in charge of promoting the record, reproducing it in the form of physical media, marketing the media and distributing them to music stores and retailers. These stores and retailers finally sell the record to consumers.

A consumer could either be a fan of the music composition itself, the composer or the recording artist. More often than not, it is the recording artist that draws most of the record buyers. Many fans would spend a fortune on music albums of their favorite singer regardless of whether they like the record or not.

Recording companies recognize this fact and thus, go all-out in promoting their artists. They know that promoting their recording artists side-by-side with the records they produce is bound to increase their record sales.

To a great extent, promotion makes use of photography to capture and document the singer or recording artist. A good photographer makes sure that he captures the image of the star artist in a good light, depicting the artist in his best look, his best pose, his best self. This way, the singer may be made even more appealing to public — physically rather than vocally.

These photographs of recording artists are spread all over the internet—in websites, facebook pages, twitter, etc. Seeing more and more pictures of these artists somehow seems to draw the fans closer to them. To the overly fanatic, touching a close-up picture of his favorite artist may even be as good as seeing the artist in person. It may be true what they say: out of sight, out of mind. Rest assured, recording companies will make sure their artists will not be out of your sight and definitely not out of your mind.

Viola Landers is a music enthusiast who enjoys writing about Jason Derulo images and Jason Derulo pics as well as other related subjects.

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Family Photographer

Capture tasteful images using the services of a Family Photographer

Help to preserve precious memories with the best quality family pictures. Relax, have fun, enjoy being pampered in a studio setting where a Family Photographer uses their creative skills to bring a series of pictures to life.

Book a family shoot with a professional Family Photographer London and you become the stars of the show. The services of stylists and make-up artists are available to help to create a unique and highly individual look, ready to be captured on film. Behind the camera a vastly experienced Family Photographer will take a collection of photographs and you get to choose as many as you like.

Pictures tailored to your needs

Peruse through the numerous pictures that have been taken by the Family Photographer and you can ask them to be printed, cut, cropped or displayed anyway that you like. Want to have the pictures mounted in special frames? No problem. This is a specialist service provided by the Family Photographer.

Images can be printed in any shape or size. Just ask the Family Photographer London and they will gladly frame pictures, or provide you with your chosen photographs on disc, ready for you to take home.

The time spent with the Family Photographer is tailored for your unique needs, and the sole purpose is to produce stunning family pictures that can provide a lifetime of memories.

The gift of love

A photography session with the Family Photographer makes an exceptional type of present. Gift vouchers are available they make wonderful gift ideas for the people that you care about.

Theres nothing more charming than a family spending the day together in a photographic studio with the Family Photographer. The images captured on the day will serve long into the future as memories live on in the photographs taken by the Family Photographer.

Give the gift of love and buy a voucher for a family shoot from the Family Photographer London. Help to create long-lasting memories by providing friends or family members with the opportunity to spend some time in a professional photographic studio. is a time-served Family Photographer London . Replay Photography has everything you need to make your memories live on Family Photographer .

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Home Decorating Ideas: Fine Art Photography

Home decorating isn’t just a fun hobby. It is, in part, what makes your home feel like a home, allows you to express your personal style and in some cases what gets your creative juices really flowing. No ones home is decorated exactly the same but there are those that really stand out to guests as memorable and one of a kind, usually because they’re decorated in a unique way. Fine art photography is one creative choice when it comes to home decorating.

Photography as art is actually a varied art form because its beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. There are many places with fine art photography for sale- from the obvious art galleries and art shows to less suspect places, like department stores. Some people even find the best bargains for sale at yard sales and second-hand stores.

What makes fine art photography so unique is that it is an art form that captures a particular moment, emotion or sentiment through a photo of something real. Much of art is abstract and subjective and although photography pieces can be the same, they are usually very true to life photos that depict beauty in everyday things.

Using this form of art as a decorative statement in your home is a great way to show off your personal style and make a special statement with your decor. Adding a few fine art photography pieces around your home can make a world of difference when decorating. For instance, a big, blank wall can look incredibly chic if the right piece of artwork is displayed, even on its own. If you go this route, make sure you get something that is eye catching yet understated so that it doesn’t stand out too much if the rest of your home decor is also subtle.

Another great idea is to have an entire wall full of strategically placed fine art photos that guests can enjoy browsing when they visit. If you’re feeling truly daring, try taking some of your own nature photos or photos of something that you find visually pleasing and frame it yourself.

If you’re looking to add a personal and unique touch to your home decorating, this is definitely a way to do it!

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Saskatoon Photographer

A Saskatoon photographer helps to capture memorable moments for both residents and visitors in this charming Canadian city. Several successful photographers are available for hire in Saskatoon and the thriving photography industry is full of creative and passionate individuals whose pictures speak volumes about different people, occasions and places. A god Saskatoon photographer is able to make use of modern technology without compromising on the true essence of what makes a good photograph. A photographer should be willing to listen to the customer in terms of what is required while providing valuable advice. Good photographers are visually sensitive and they know what angles or textures are most appealing for a picture. They also pay attention to the smallest details that may interfere with the outcome of a photography session.

When a Saskatoon photographer takes the time to closely study his or her subjects, the result is a series of thoughtfully captured images that provide memories for several years to come. Whether for weddings, birthdays or any other special events, the photographer should be keenly aware of what is going on so as to ensure that certain classic moments are captured on film. A creative Saskatoon photographer has the ability to make a photograph as vivid as possible by making creative use of the resources that he has.

Photography is no longer just a matter of taking random pictures; it has evolved into an art as more and more people continue to appreciate the value of good photographs. Whenever a person wants to hire the services of a Saskatoon photographer, it is important to clearly explain what kind of expectations the customer has and discuss whether or not these expectations can be met. The customer also needs to inform the photographer of any legal issues in instances where the photographs are not to be used for public viewership or any other commercial purposes. A Saskatoon photographer who is hired to cover an event should be able to coordinate effectively and go wherever the action is. For projects in a studio, creativity is essential and the photographer needs to be able to direct the subject or person in terms of how to behave in front of the camera.

A good photographer knows how to make the individual feel relaxed and willing to try out new things so as to create some wonderful pictures. Another essential quality of a competent Saskatoon photographer is the ability to interact freely with people. A photographer should be friendly, sociable and approachable. This makes it easier to build a good working relationship with the client who needs to know that the photographer is passionate about his work. Taking good pictures involves being outgoing and willing to push the boundaries of creativity by sampling other work, traveling and constantly capturing images so as to enhance one’s photography skills. It is advisable to choose a Saskatoon photographer who is able to control the process by professionally handling the camera and averting any technical problems without interfering with the process of taking pictures.

Brice Hortefeux is the author of this article on Saskatoon Photographer. Find more information about Saskatoon Photography here.

About Portrait Photography

It is always interesting to take pictures of people as compared to inanimate objects or even animals. This is because different people project different emotions and it is always interesting to capture them on film. By doing so- a part of the individuals character is frozen onto film forever. Portrait photography is not as easy as it looks. One must be experienced in the field before experimenting with portraits as it requires a certain kind of creativity and patience.

Most portrait photographers prefer to keep the subject at the center of the background. The color of the background is kept neutral or dull so that entire focus is on the subject. Since portrait photography is all about focusing on the face of the subject, it is important that you choose a background with soft but solid colors. If you choose a background of a busy street- the purpose of your photograph will be lost.

In case you want the subject to get additional attention, it is recommended that you blur the background for best results. The details should be blurred so that the subject is given due attention. For this purpose, you need to change the settings of the camera to achieve the same. One can do so by shooting the photograph from a short distance with the help of a zoom lens.

While portrait photographers focus on the face of the subject, it becomes difficult for beginners to ascertain which feature of the face to emphasize on. The answer here is- the eyes. As they say- the eyes are the windows to the soul. Therefore, you will be able to capture exact emotions and feelings by doing so. Your photograph will definitely be a work of art if you perfect this area of portrait photography. It has been said that if you catch the subject off guard, you will be able to get the true emotions which are lost when one is told to pose in a certain manner. However, a number of portrait photographers advise their subjects to keep their faces straight so that their eyes are pointing straight into the lens of the camera while others tell their subject to turn their heads and focus on an object in the distance.

With portrait photography, natural light is always the safest bet. It helps to enhance the quality of the photograph by arresting the exact color and warmth of the subject’s skin. Portrait photographs should always be shot outdoors while the sun is blazing bright. However, make sure that the subject is standing in such a way that the light of the sun does not fall directly on his/her face. Instead- it should fall on its side.

In order to avoid silhouettes, make sure that the subject is standing in front of the sun. However, make sure that the individual or object is not placed directly in front of the sun as this can distort the color and quality of the photograph. One can use the fill-in flash to create necessary shadows.

In conclusion, it should be remembered that since this field of photography is slightly trickier, one should keep practicing and taking test shots. Carry out experiments so that you can create your own unique style. Also make sure that you get enough information from the internet and books so that you are aware of each and every aspect related to the field.

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It’s Photography But Is It Art?

It is very common to come across the terms “Photographic Art” and “Fine Art Photography” in reference to the work of renowned photographers who have created an individual style of photography that is popular and attractive. But what really turns a simple photograph into a piece of art? There have been many debates on this topic and the terms “Photographic Art” and “Fine Art Photography” have had many definitions but they remain poorly defined and difficult to categorise.

Photographers often like to describe their work as “art” and without doubt some of the work of photographers such as Tim Flach is truly beautiful, creative and entertaining. But to be considered art a piece must also engage the viewers mind as well as their eye a piece must be thought provoking and continue to generate discussions and opinions over time. Many beautiful images hanging on walls now will, unfortunately, not hold the viewer’s interest for more than a couple of years. Whereas true art continues to be a talking point for years to come.

It could be argued that a photographer could take a detailed picture of a flower, for example, and a traditional artist could paint that same flower in detail. But what a photographer cannot do that an artist can do with paint and other media is add depth, feeling and texture to the image. Compare the work of artist Jo Bunce with the photographer Mary Gaines. It is the sense of unreality that makes the painted images so much more appealing than the photographs.

As with all art there are works that blur the boundaries between categories and perhaps the most important lesson to remember when considering what can and cannot be classified as “art” is to be open-minded. Being open-minded and ready to change your opinions can lead to unexpected discoveries such as the BeckerHarrison collaboration where original photographic prints are overpainted with acrylic, gouache and even spray-paint to create compelling and sometimes disturbing images that photography alone could never do.

Of course, photo-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop can be used to create a myriad of effects that could never be achieved with a camera alone but in the case of the BeckerHarrison work the physical texture and sheen of the paint cannot be replicated with even the most advanced photo-editing software and it is these features that make their work stand out from other work created on a computer.

So photographic images can be classed as art and a definition of “Photographic Art” might be an artwork that began its life as a simple photograph but has been enhanced in some way (either on a computer or by hand) to create something more than just a captured moment that is pleasing to the eye however beautiful or, indeed, disturbing that moment might be. It is a work that entertains, delights or disturbs but most of all provokes thought or discussion and imparts to the viewer a message from the artist.

Michelle Symonds is a director of online art gallery Style Cube, which specialises in Limited Edition Art and unique Modern Abstract Art by British Artists.

Read more about the BeckerHarrison collaboration on a blog about their Photographic Art.

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Photography is an Art of Imagination

Photography is an art of transforming images into a story, which speak and make an impact on the mind of viewers and audience. Photography is not about expensive cameras and high-tech gadgets but it is about imagination.

A good photographer is a good learner and he keeps on learning with every photograph he clicks. Making stories, sceneries and objects out of nothing is the pinnacle of professional photography and only hard workers and good learners can achieve that.

Most people think that photography must be done in free time. However, it is a very strange way of thinking because nothing can be done without passion in this world, let alone the art of photography.

However, the basic requirements of photography are a good camera and enough time to see things from different angles and compose photographs. A good camera does not merely mean megapixels only. It means many other things as well.

Photography can be divided into two categories namely amateur and professional. Professional cameras can be used for amateur photography but that would be a costly affair. However, amateur cameras cannot be used for professional photography. Amateur photography is commonly termed as leisure photography and it makes use of simple point and shoot cameras. Such cameras, as the name itself implies, are meant to click and record the picture. However, professional photography makes use of digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLR), which include manually setting and controlling the picture or scene environment to get the best possible results.

In professional photography lenses play more important role than camera body. The camera body becomes obsolete with time but lenses always remain new and they can be detached and attached in any number. Depending upon the style of photography, one has to choose the lenses as random selection will not give good results.

Professional photography can also be done in more specific ways such as aerial photography, underwater photography and wildlife photography. Recently, portrait photography has also become very popular. Professional photography takes time because it is not an easy task to get the best out of a scene. One might have to repeat shots at the same location at different intervals and periods to find the best shot. However, once a person starts learning with DSRLs and cameras, photography becomes a hobby. Every form of photography has its importance and its own style.

Going out of the way and trying innovative is always welcomes in photography because it is all about imagination and there is no bound on imagination of a human being.

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